We are a photography team in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We do portraits, fashion shoots, senior photos, glamor, boudoir, bands, engagements, etc. We have a studio at home, so we can do any kind of photoshoot you want. I especially like any sort of "cosplay", whether it be steampunk, renaissance faires, zombie walks, comicons, or whatever. I started out doing landscape and wildlife photography, and sometimes I still do some of that.

Who Are We?

David started doing wildlife and landscape photography as a hobby several years ago. It quickly became obvious that people were easier to find than wildlife and they don’t tend to run away as soon as you raise your camera try to focus. People will also sometimes pay for photography services, whereas deer and birds seldom do. Landscape photography was nice, but unless you have the time and money to travel a lot, you eventually run out of places to photograph.

Anji is Dave’s fiancé and assistant in the studio or on location. She helps with lighting, posing and wardrobe ideas and she’s good at makeup.

The Other Dave Williss

I'm David Williss with 2 S's in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. If you're looking for Dave Willis, who is a wedding photographer in the UK, his web site is here.


We are currently offering senior photos or engagement photo sessions for $30 for half an hour or a full hour for $50. I have a studio in my home and there are many outdoor locations in Lincoln which are perfect when the weather is nice. For this price, you get the shoot itself and then I go home and pick out the best photos to edit. I then deliver the photos as digital files through DropBox. Or if you provide a thumb drive, I can send them back on that. Either way, you are then free to print whatever you want in any format you want or even just post them to social media if that's what you want to do.

We also do a lot of free TFP (Time For Pictures) photoshoots. This is where we already have an idea in mind for some sort of artistic photoshoot but need a model. The goal of a TFP shoot is to produce quality photos that both the photographer and the model can use in their portfolios. We will usually put a few of them on our web site or on Facebook for promotional purposes, but we will honor requests to not post or share images if you don't want them to be public. You get digital copies of the photos do do whatever you want with. And while we're at it, if you have any specific shots you'd like to get done, we'll do those too.

Contact Info

The easiest way to contact us is by using the form at the bottom of the page or by email to dwilliss@gmail.com

Model Wanted

This is a test shot I did with my granddaughter, that I'm looking to recreate with a model who knows how to move, preferably with some dance background and dressed in red. I like how this came out, but I'm looking for more of a ballet dancer look. Plus we did this on the spur of the moment, so she's just in the T-Shirt she had on when she came to visit.

Model Wanted

I am currently looking for a model to help me recreate this painting in Pioneer's park. We would use the old one-room schoolhouse as the building in the background.